Kristin Chenoweth Signing Postponed

Due to unavoidable changes in Kristin Chenoweth’s schedule, she will not be able to visit us on April 29 as planned. We are very sorry for all those who were excited to see her this week—we were excited, too! We are working with Chenoweth’s team to reschedule her appearance for sometime in the winter. We will promptly announce the date and time once the details have been ironed out.

For those who had already reserved a place in line for the now-postponed signing: Please call the store or drop by in-person to claim 20% off your next purchase of a book from Full Circle. You are, of course, entitled to a refund. If you opt to not refund your purchase, we will hold a place in line for you when Miss Chenoweth finally does visit us. If you do not receive a call, please reach out to us.

Again, we are sorry for the disappointment and inconvenience.

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