Through the years, Full Circle Bookstore has hosted such acclaimed national authors as David Grann, Brian Jacques, Alexander McCall Smith, Diane Rehm, Ree Drummond and more! Check out our events calendar to see who's coming up next and also what events we have planned for the children.

KJ Williams and Teresa R. Kemp sign “Keepers of the Secret Code”

Peter Farrow is a slave. He's grown up with his family on Dover Plantation, South Carolina where he does small jobs. When he's not working, Peter likes to play with the other slave's children, or go fishing with the master's daughter, Emily. Sometimes, he even gets to sit in on Emily's school lessons and learn…

Last Sunday Poetry

This week's guest poet is Roxana Cazan. A Romanian immigrant to the United States, Ms. Cazan is the author of The Accident of Birth and a co-editor of Voices On the Move: An Anthology By and About Refugees. Her poems have been featured in many outlets, including Poets Reading the News. She lives in Oklahoma…

Celebrating J. Mac Troy’s “Out of Time”

Living in twenty first century Dallas, teenager T. Bone Stone and his dog, Little red, are mysteriously hurled back in time to Indian Territory in the late 1800's. Slowly adjusting to his unexpected new life as a cowhand, the bewildered T-Bone quickly acquires the skills needed for survival. While under the guidance of his part-time…

Medium Swing

This duo sets the mood for an evening outing with a set of jazzy, low-key numbers.

Jessica Tate

From Nina Simone to Journey, no artist is spared the honor of a cover by one of the city's most talented and freewheeling harpists.

Ravens Three

This trio distills all that is loved about Irish folk music. Their irreverence and playfulness will make you think you're at the pub.

Celtic Jam

Enjoy a freewheeling acoustic jam session of traditional Celtic music. This is an informal gathering that may vary in size.

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