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Double Signing: Angie Cella and John Brooks

November 16, 2021 @ 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Angie Cella, the author of Blinger, will be joined by John Brooks, author of the Bobby Bright series, for a double signing.

About Blinger: “One night, Angie dreamed about a device that put gems in her hair. She woke up in love with the idea and believed she could invent it. A few weeks later, she had a second dream. In this one, God told her, ‘I want you to make this product.’ After asking nightly for just this type of direction, she felt called to bring her dream to market. What followed was a long, precarious journey, full of twists and turns, which ultimately ended in bedazzling triumph as she attempted to answer that call.”

About the Bobby Bright series: “An amazing event takes place in the world’s largest factory that produces Christmas light bulbs. A strand of bulbs is jolted with an electrical charge and one bulb named Bobby is injected with unique powers. This sets off a series of Yuletide adventures in which Bobby learns about family, gains the ability to speak human language, and ultimately meets his maker.”