Pearl the Buffalo

Pearl, the symbol and spokeswoman for Full Circle’s preeminent collection of books about Oklahoma and by Oklahomans, is a glorious pearl covered (and thus gleaming white) semi-life-size bison. Not surprisingly, she is called Pearl, and, we have discovered, she has something of an attitude.

In 2003 the Oklahoma Nature Conservancy sponsored the creation of 100 Bison–each individually given personality, and in Pearl's case, a singularly beautiful coat by central Oklahoma artists.

Three very gifted artists– Mishi Susan, Jenny Woodruff, and Claudia Wylie–created her extraordinary presence, and they also made the decision that Pearl should be a girl. As it happens, she is the only one in the herd and her delicate coat prevents her from hanging out on street corners like the rest of the herd. These conditions are probably responsible for her supreme self confidence and thus her new role as the symbol of Full Circle's commitment to be the primary source for books by Oklahomans and about Oklahoma.

Pearl Out Front 650

When you find Pearl's image in the store it will lead you to our Oklahoma and Native American sections, or she will be pointing out an Oklahoma author in some other section. On the web or at the mast head of an email, Pearl will let you know that an important new Oklahoma related title is being launched or that some other significant Oklahoma event is taking place.

We will try to moderate her attitude. But when you are a girl with ninety-nine brothers and you are the only one with a job ....

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