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Signing: vehoae, Wayne Harris-Wyrick, and Betsy Randolph!

”October 23, 2019”
6:30 pm” – “8:00 pm

vehoae to sign Pahutchae's Pouch, Conscience: Breach Social Amnesia

Pahutchae’s Pouch: What if a treaty came to light that gave a section of what is now other states to one of the indigenous tribes to make a state of their own, but that agreement hid for a time? What if that document resulted in another state being created?

Conscience: Breaching Social Amnesia: Conscience: Breaching Social Amnesia is a series that draws parallels between European invader’s personal perspectives and motivations and professional decisions to subjugate and exterminate “heathen red-skinned impediments.” Having a profound appreciation for non-revisionist history, vehoae provides primary document details typically avoided in favor of political correctness.

Wayne Harris-Wyrick to sign Why Am I Me?, Kimmy Finds Her Key, and If You Swallow That Seed...

If You Swallow That Seed…: Moms say the strangest things. What if they all started coming true?

Why Am I Me?: Why am I me? Children want to know the answer. Where do they fit in the world and the universe? This book helps them understand.

Kimmy Finds Her Key: Everyone needs a “key” to find his or her happiness. Kimmy discovers that finding her key is more than just reading a book or riding her bike. The key to happiness is much more.

Betsy Randolph to sign The Tokens Series, The Elbow and the Invisible People, and The Secret of the Dead Albino

Tokens of the Liars: Cat Carlyle is an Oklahoma radio broadcast journalist who has a tendency to tell little white lies. Lying is a bad habit she considers harmless until she witnesses a murder and then is stalked by a serial killer. When everything she loves is in jeopardy and her world is torn completely apart, the truth is the only thing she can cling to. Preyed on by a prolific liar, Cat is forced to face a horrible truth or lose everything she loves.

Tokens of the Lonely: The second book in the Cat Carlyle Mysteries begins when a widow who ran a Miniature Pincher Rescue Society is found murdered. Oklahoma City Homicide Detective, Tom Sullivan, calls on his friend and radio broadcast journalist, Cat Carlyle, to assist him in getting the word out about the orphaned dogs. Cat and Tom learn a few things about themselves as the mystery into the recent murder unravels. When the new dog owners and their pets start turning up dead or missing, the only thing it seems that connects them all is their absolute loneliness. What will Cat’s willingness to help Sullivan cost her? Will isolation and ghosts from her past be the tokens she takes with her to the grave?

Tokens of the Lost: Radio broadcast journalist Cat Carlyle has done it again, she’s mistakenly stumbled into another murder mystery. When Cat and Sullivan discover a lost little girl inside an empty house, no one knows where the child came from or how she got inside. As Detective Sullivan works the missing child’s case, a devastating tornado touches down in Guthrie and a serial killer uses the mayhem to dispose of his victim’s bodies. There’s more to be lost than possessions as Cat and Sullivan are soon to discover.

The Elbow and The Invisible People: What if a weird, 12-year-old boy could talk to animals and they warned him of a terrible flood that would sweep his town away in less than 24 hours, would you listen to him?

The Secret of the Dead Albino: A terrible discovery in the ghost town section of Guthrie, Oklahoma, has 12-year-old Noah Pool keeping secrets and jeopardizing precious relationships. What will it take for him to reveal his secret and what will the horrible secret mean for Noah and his family? Come along with Noah if you are brave enough to face the truth of The Secret of the Dead Albino.

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