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Signing: Linda Joy Myers to sign "Song of the Plains"

”May 21, 2018”
6:30 pm” – “8:00 pm

Ever since she was a child, Linda Joy Myers felt the power of the past. As the third daughter in her family to be abandoned or estranged by a mother, she observed the consequences of that heritage on the women she loved as well as herself. But thanks to the stories told to her by her great-grandmother, Myers received a gift that proved crucial in her life: the idea that everyone is a walking storybook, and that we all have within us the key to a deeper understanding of life–the secret stories that make themselves known even without words.
Song of the Plains is a weaving of family history that starts in the Oklahoma plains and spans over forty years as Myers combs through dusty archives, family stories, and genealogy online. She discovers the secrets that help to explain the fractures in her family, and the ways in which her mother and grandmother found a way not only to survive the great challenges of their eras, but to thrive despite mental illness and abuse. She discovers how decisions made long ago broke her family apart–and she makes it her life’s work to change her family story from one of abuse and loss to one of finding and creating a new story of hope, forgiveness, healing, and love.

About the Author: Linda Joy Myers, author of the award winning Song of the Plains, grew up in Enid, where she experienced the power and beauty of the landscape. In her writing, she seeks to explore the themes of healing abandonment, secrets, and silence. Her memories of the wind, the land, and her family weave together to show the power of memory and personal history.
Her first memoir Don’t Call Me Mother is about healing three generations of mother-daughter abandonment. Linda Joy is the president and founder of the National Association of Memoir writers, and she’s been a therapist for the last forty years where she helps to create generational healing. Don’t Call Me Mother won multiple awards, and she’s the author of The Power of Memoir and Journey of Memoir. Please visit www.lindajoymyersauthor.com and www.namw.org.

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