Join us this evening at 6:30 for a discussion and signing of Mark C. Jackson’s work of western fiction, An Eye for an Eye

In an age long past, a time best known by serious students of history, beaver pelts were gold, and the men who lived off them were a law unto themselves. The Creed brothers were such men. When the brothers set out on the Missouri River to take their gathered plews to the St. Louis buyers, thereby cutting out the fur company that controls the market, they open themselves to a world of violence and intrigue. The murder of his brother and the theft of their winter’s work send Zebadiah Creed on a mission of revenge. A chance encounter with the mysterious Billy Frieze, who seems to know every questionable character on the Mississippi, opens doors into the underworld for Zebadiah, leading him from one violent encounter to the next. Along the way, he meets murderers, prostitutes, slaves, and brigands. Jackson’s first book is not for the faint of heart. But if you like your frontier raw and with the edges still exposed, this well-written book may be the one for you.


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