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Heat and Light by Jennifer Haigh: Fracking comes to the dying town of Bakerton, PA. Although the subject is political, the joys in this book are the characters and their interactions. Hope and despair; love and loss; endings and beginnings. What else can you ask of a novel?- recommended by Mary

Swing Time by Zadie Smith: In her most recent novel, Smith crafts a stunningly poignant narrative that crosses continents and time zones in a parallel portrait of feminine community, fame, and identity. A must-read!- recommended by Ian

Truly Madly Guilty by Liane Moriarty: The intriguing story of a night which changed the lives of three families. You discover what happened layer by layer, as each character reveals what he or she knows. It’s certainly not over till it’s over… till the very last page (and don’t peek!).- recommended by Jean Ann

The Face: Cartography of the Void by Chris Abani: “The author discusses how much her resembles his father and how it has affected his life”.- recommended by Bethany

The Face: A Time Code by Ruth Ozeki: “After staring at her face in a mirror for three hours, the author presents all of the life stories linked to her facial characteristics.”-recommended by Bethany

The Face: Strangers on a Pier by Tash Aw: “The author describes the ways in which people confuse her multi-generational origins. She talks with her father about his family and their place of origin.”-recommended by Bethany

Heroes of the Frontier by Dave Eggars: “The decisions the mother in this story makes will drive you crazy, but the child characters redeem her. They are quirky and charming and totally believable. By the end, you will be rooting for this family to make it! Good job, Dave Eggars!” -recommended by Mary

Heat and Light by Jennifer Haigh: “Fracking comes to the dying town of Bakerstown, PA. Although the subject is political, the joys in this books are the characters and their interactions. Hope and despair; love and loss; endings and beginnings. What else can you ask for of a novel?”- recommended by Mary

The Diamond As Big As the Ritz by F Scott Fitzgerald: “A novella by the classic author continues his obsession with rich people, scandals, and plot twists. A fun, quick, and easy read!”- recommended by Bethany

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert: “Yes, people, magic does exist- It can appear as a big idea that floats in the ether and attaches to a person. And, yes, everyone is creative. A well written, quick read.”- recommended by Julie

The Road to Little Dribbling: Adventures of an American in Britain by Bill Bryson: “Bill Bryson has done it again… and you will laugh out loud (many, many times) at some of the situations he writes about. He is not making this stuff up! He writes affectionately about his adopted country of Great Britain and does not hesitate in a wonderful curmudgeonly way to talk about its foibles, eccentricities, and hard-to-understand places and people… and about the things that make him love it. A great book, a great gift for anyone.”- recommended by Jean Ann


Silver Screen Fiend by Patton Oswalt: “Patton spends two years of his twenties obsessively seeing movies until he realizes that it’s yet another form of self-medicating. It’s a fun journey of mania and delusion as we see his was through to the other side.” – recommended by Cindy

Mother Bruce by Ryan Higgins: “A laugh out loud adventures of the grumpy reluctant Mother Bear Bruce. Adults and children alike will love this tale.” – recommended by Julie

Strong Motion by Jonathan Franzen: “I’m in awe that Franzen wrote this in 1992! His controversial themes, including exploitive capitalism, feminism, abortion, rabid religiosity, and corporate malfeasance, resonate in 2016. AND man-made earthquakes! He was ahead of the curve on this one. Also plusses for: plot, great writing, and characters. Loved it!”- recommended by Mary

Flappers by Judith Mackrell: “An engrossing book on the six women who led the “Flapper” movement in the ’20’s- so interesting that I want to read more about each woman!”- recommended by Hope

Bridge Ladies by Betsey Lerner: “An absorbing memoir by Betsy Lerner- Betsy learns the game of bridge along with an understanding and appreciation of her mother and her loyal friends, the Bridge Ladies.”- recommended by Beverly

The Wander Society by Keri Smith: “The Wander Society is a secretive group who love to wander, walk, and explore. This leads to creative expressions of many kinds. A fun quick read- made me want to get out and wander with no destination in mind and enjoy the process.” – recommended by Julie

Britt-Marie Was Here by Fredrik Backman: “Another engrossing novel by the author of A Man Called Ove. Britt-Marie is simultaneously aggravating and charming. Eventually, she finds her new place in a new home.” -recommended by Beverly

Maestra by SL Hinton: “Have you ever surprised yourself in ways you never thought possible? Meet our protagonist, Judith Rashleigh. During the day, she's an above-board art auction flunky but at night she slinks into decadent underbelly of London's private club scene. Moonlighting as a well-payed escort, she meets an interesting character who changes her life forever. This story takes you on a Coen Brothers meets Girl with The Dragon Tattoo ride through London, the French and Italian Rivieras, and Paris. There's scandal, murder and more kink than you can shake a riding crop at. You'll find yourself asking, how deep does this rabbit hole go? The journey is well worth it. Once you can pick your jaw off the floor, you will be counting the days until the sequel is released!”- recommended by Cindy



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